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We currently have two comics in print. Kenshin 1281 and Parasomnia. All physical copies have been sold! Digital versions are still available on Amazon! CKS Digital Comics on Amazon
Cover Art and Design: Jessie W Craig Story and Art: Jessie W Craig Lettering and Editing: Sherri L Craig First Printing: February 2015 Kenshin 1281 started off as an assignment for Jessie W Craig's New Media and Animation class. The goal was to create a graphic narrative about, or based during, an historical event. The result was this short story about a fictional samurai who lost honor by missing the first Mongolian invasion of Japan and regains it during the second invasion in 1281. The comic features a classic black and white, cartoon-like style with emphasis on visual narrative and dynamic composition. Another feature of the comic was the decision to use dialog without speech bubbles. The decision was made as an artistic device to represent the communication gap that existed between the Mongolians and Japanese during that time period. It was decide that since the comic was done, we would use it as our first physical comic. A crowd funding project was started to help with the cost. After several delays that became valuable learning experiences on publishing comics, Kenshin 1281 is available for sale. See how to get your copy above. The first printing is selling out fast.
Cover Art and Design: Jessie W Craig Story and Art: Jessie W Craig Lettering and Editing: It's all in your mind! First Printing: February 2015 Parasomnia features collaged images and digital effects manipulated into a graphic narrative, with no dialog. The first printing is extremely limited; however, a second printing and more comics created in this style are being planned.
See a short animation of Parasomnia featuring the music of C.O.G.
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