Parasomnia Animation

Based on the Parasomnia Comic. Featuring music by C.O.G

Liam 'The Lapingaroux" Animation

The Lapingaroux introduces himself

Audio Drama

Who is Shields McKloskey? An October 20th Audio Drama

Listen to Audio  Drama

Our first Audio drama. Written by the October 20th web comic creator, Marius Hjelseth. And produced by Charisma Kills Studios.


The Audio drama features the voice talents of Kodi Killgore as Captian Marina Rossie. And Jessie W Craig as Detective Gary Ivanov. With musical score by Thibault Kervarech.


The Audio drama was created as a transmedia project that shares continuity with the web comic.


Written and produced in the style of the old crime noir radio plays, it gives more insight into the comics mysterious main character, Shields McKloskey.

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