CKS Webcomics What do we do here at Charisma Kills Studios?
Charisma Kills Studios was created to be an outlet for the creative endeavors of Jessie W Craig and the various friends and partners of the studio. The end goal is the creation of a multimedia studio with branches in digital, print, audio, video, visual arts, gaming, and various interactive media. We are also turning our attention towards transmedia narratives with a world, characters, and stories well into the planing stages. In 2011, we started with our first project, the Sweet Dreams are Made of Worms webcomic. Since that time, more webcomics such as Apocalypse Pizza, CK Chronicles, and C.O.G. Comics have been added. We expanded into audio with the Charima Kills Radio Podcast (Currently on hiatus.). Throughout 2014 and 2015, we started to accelerated this expansion to print comics and partnered with Marius Hjelseth to produce the October 20th Audio Drama, Who is Sheilds McKloskey.
Where do we go from here? Recent CKS Partners and Collaborators
If all goes according to plan, we will start making shifts into more print comics, animation, music, audio productions, short films, games, and green light the CKS transmedia project around 2022. Hope to see you there!
Charisma Kills Studios is...
Jessie W Craig Creator of Charisma Kills Studios, artist, writer, animator, CK Radio host, audio and video production. Sherri L. Craig Sanity Engineer, editor, writer, letterer, professional educator, and speaker on comics and transmedia in academia. Coordinator of Geekademia! convention panelists. Alexander Craig (AKA Thing 2) Logistics, test subject, writer, future mad scientist in training, and endless well of random ideas.
Convention and Event Coordinators! If you are interested in having CKS at your event, or would like more information, please contact us at the link below. We have been involved with many comic and fandom events since the 1990's. We have experience with coordinating activities, as art and media guests, panelists, and providing design services for advertisements, program books, t-shirts, and more!
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